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With 50+ types of FIBCs in-stock, we are prepared to meet your immediate FIBC bulk bag needs. If we don’t have the exact bag that you need in stock, we’ll have something close to tie you over until we can manufacture a bag that meets your exact specifications. Many of our customers are introduced to us through our extensive offering of stock bags, and then transition to a custom bag which we manufacture.

Our customer service staff’s focus is on making your buying experience easy, informative, and enjoyable. Above all, we want to make sure we supply you with a high-quality bulk bag that meets your needs and is the best possible value for your investment. Through our industry leading customer service, we build long lasting relationships with all of our customers throughout the lifetime of their FIBC bulk bag needs.

Conductive Bulk Bag

What are the differences between type A B C & D fabric in FIBCs? When FIBCs are filled and discharged, the flowing of the finely powdered substances can cause a buildup of static electricity. Removing and or preventing an electrical …

Conductive bags are the best answer to the serious fire or an explosion or an electrostatic discharge caused due to static electricity created by bulk material during filling and discharging as these are 100 % checked and labelled for its …