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About ANT Product Corporation
Ant Product Corporation specializes in bulk packaging products suitable for a range of industries. You may have worked with other companies, but the way we run ours makes us different. A lot of providers talk about customer satisfaction. We make it our business. We listen. We go back to the drawing board. We get you what you need at the price you’ve been looking for. With our experienced salespeople and warehouses across the U.S., we’re able to quickly fill your order to your specifications.

At ANT Products, we know we’re doing something right by our successful track record and global network of suppliers. Our greatest accomplishment is when customers across North America make us their trusted partner, continuing to come back to us for their bulk packaging needs, year after year.

Our Trusted Facilities
Our facilities across Chia have a production capacity of approximately 130,000 FIBCs a month. Though our production of bulk and small bags is high, we maintain excellent standards of quality and safety. Ant Products has direct access to a global network of suppliers depending on your needs. Each has ISO 9001:2008 certification to meet the basic FIBC requirements, as well as FSSC 22000 certification when the application requires it. This certificate grants us the highest food-grade approval when it comes to the manufacturing of our bulk and small bags.

Let’s Talk about Quality Assurance
Ant Products takes quality assurance seriously. Everyone says that, but our track record is good for a reason, and we’ll tell you exactly how we keep our standards high. It starts from the beginning with our highly experienced salespeople who work with you to ensure your bag design aligns with your production needs. They also provide technical drawings to ensure your specifications are correct, and then provide samples for in-house testing to make sure the bag handles properly. Customer approval of our bags’ quality and reliability is our top priority.

We only work with the highest quality manufacturers who put quality first. Each factory follows tight guidelines for quality control and tracking, utilizing in-house testing equipment to measure tinsel strength, loop and belt strength, UV and moisture testing, along with peak load testing for safe working load. At every stage of manufacturing, we implement QC checks for any fabric defects, printing defects, stitching defects, dimensions, and cleanliness issues. Every individual bulk bag manufactured is inspected by qualified and experienced inspectors. A 5% sample is again inspected by an independent QC inspector for all the parameters from the final lot before dispatched from the factory. Lastly, each bag sent to the customer has a tracking number to help us track the bag and the source of the problem, if any.

We welcome feedback on our bags, and we’re committed to getting you the quality you want if you’re not happy the first time. Check out more about the equipment we use for quality testing below, as well as details about our ISO certification.