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Bulk Bag Construction Options

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Highly customizable bulk bags for every product & application

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers – also known as bulk bags, are fantastic packaging options when transporting and storing large amounts of a variety of products/materials. At National Bulk Bag, we source our bags all over the globe and work with the world’s premier manufacturers insuring our clients receive a high quality product for the best possible value. All of our bags are manufactured using 100% virgin polypropylene resin to prevent the contamination of products, specifically for food grade needs. For food grade needs, be sure to visit our food grade bulk bags page by clicking here.

Our FIBC bags are highly customizable with some of the options ranging from:

  • Variety of loop construction options

  • Variety of top construction options 

  • Variety of bottom construction options

  • Various sizes and safe working loads

  • Type A B C & D bulk bags

  • Multiple color options

  • Food and Pharma grade bulk bags manufactured in BRC Certified facilities

  • Baffles for enhanced form factor, increased structural integrity, and easier stacking and storage